Considerations when becoming virtualized

At a recent conference hosted at Collabworks, a virtual enterprise focused company, several chief technology officers from large software corporations gave advice on how an organization can reorganize its infrastructure to be more virtualized, according to CIO.

When an organization is planning any initiative, it should set a start and due date to ensure that it remains focused on its strategic timeline. Many teams will worry about leaving traditional software applications. An organization can manipulate the transitional fear by still offering the traditional applications, but charge individuals per use. This helps employees become more inclined to use the new software, the news source reported.

Additionally, an organization should aggressively push to replace on-premise software with Software-as-a-Service. This will not only help improve efficiency and productivity, but will also save the organization money by not having to pay for expensive maintenance and upkeep. This gives organizations the ability to invest in new innovations, according to CIO.

According to ABI Research, the hosted virtual desktop market is expected to increase to nearly $5 billion by 2016. If businesses plan the transition properly, the move to virtualized infrastructure services will be easier.

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