Organizations should plan for the cloud to improve its usage

While cloud computing can benefit a business by improving efficiency and lowering overall IT costs, a company should be sure to implement the service properly to ensure it receives the most benefits. To start, an organization should make a list of the requirements that the cloud will need to meet, according to the Lost Ring, an IT blog.

A company should focus on the applications that can benefit the most from being cloud-based and should note the possible lag time between deployment and implementation, as well as the cost and performance that the cloud will provide. The company should also ensure that it has the proper cloud provider that can help resolve any issues that it stumbles upon, the news source reported.

Additionally, organizations should be sure that their virtual servers include enterprise features, such as unlimited storage abilities. This can help small businesses be more competitive with larger corporations, the news source stated.

According to a survey by Electric Cloud, half of the responding organizations that have a cloud infrastructure either rarely or never use it. This demonstrates the need for organizations to plan their migration to the cloud efficiently, ensuring that they can maximize its resources.

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