Eliminating cloud risks for businesses

While many organizations have already migrated business applications to cloud computing services, other companies are still hesitant. However, these common fears can be eliminated if the organization moves to the cloud correctly, according to Joe McKendrick in a report for ZDNet.

One of the risks that these companies fear is that the service will not be able to recover from a disaster that wipes out the system. This can range from a natural disaster to economic and financial mayhem that the business experiences. However, a company can avoid these problems by implementing alternative backup locations through the service, the news source reported.

Security also remains one of the biggest fears that prevent a business from moving to the cloud. By outsourcing data, businesses experience a loss of control. To make security stronger, an organization should implement the standard cloud security systems as well as their own protocols, including access control and user provisioning to minimize the chance of data loss, McKendrick asserted.

Additionally, cloud security is continuing to develop. According to Forrester Research, the cloud security market is expected to grow to $1.5 billion by 2015. This demonstrates that more companies feel the need for a secure cloud, which will inevitably raise the quality of service.

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