Automated virtual data centers can lead to private cloud

As virtualization grows within the workplace, the complexity of business environments will inevitably increase, making it more difficult for organizations to implement private cloud technology. However, with automation, a business may be able to reach the cloud sooner, according to a CloudTweaks report.

If virtualized data centers are to be converted into private cloud networks, they must begin managing consumption of services by using policy-driven automation. The best way to do this is by slowly implementing automation and using the private cloud in the most beneficial environments, the news source reported.

One of the best places for automation use is within capacity planning. It is important to have infrastructure needs, such as growth trends and asset optimization, planned ahead of time in order to meet service level agreements. Automation can do this in a quick and efficient manner, according to CloudTweaks.

Additionally, automation can help ensure that all resources are optimized to their highest levels. This is a basic need for virtualized data centers, the news source asserted.

According to IDC, the virtualization market is expected to reach $11.7 billion by the end of 2011. This demonstrates that more organizations are becoming virtualized and should become familiar with how to implement the services productively.

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