Cloud saves money, provides increased productivity, improves data backup

Small businesses continue to move services to the cloud because of its ability to increase productivity and lower costs for the company.

According to American Express' OPEN Guide: Running Your Business in the Cloud, the service improves collaboration in the workplace by allowing more employees to access critical information from remote locations with internet connections. The cloud also allows businesses to communicate with instant messaging and web conferences.

Cloud-based services also allow an organization to save money by avoiding traditionally necessary expenses. Since the servers are located off-site, the business can save money on server maintenance and cooling costs. Additionally, cloud users can benefit from low monthly fees as well as the ability to automatically update and install new versions of the applications they use, the news source reported.

The cloud also gives users the ability to store their data off-site, which helps them save time if they are too busy to install a data backup system. The service can also automatically save data so that if a disaster were to occur, the most recently used data is available, the guide asserted.

These benefits are most likely the reason why so many businesses that are using the cloud are expected to continue using it. According to a Gartner survey, 95 percent of businesses using the cloud expect to maintain or increase their usage.

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