Remaining in control while migrating to the cloud

Cloud computing continues to become more prevalent in the workplace as more organizations migrate to the service to increase efficiency and lower costs. However, a company should be sure that it finds a fitting provider in order to ensure that the process of moving to the cloud will be productive, according to Kevin Kerridge, the director for Hiscox Small Business Insurance, in a SmallBiz Technology report.

Choosing the cloud provider is one of the first steps when migrating to the service. An organization should be sure that the provider has a full understanding of and experience with its applications as well as with the industry that the organization is a part of, Kerridge asserted.

Additionally, to ensure that the organization moving to the cloud does not lose any control over any of its applications, it should draft a contract with the provider. This service level agreement should cover liabilities of both entities as well as provide proof that control over all aspects of the cloud can still be maintained by the business, Kerridge continued.

According to OnLine Tech, the private cloud can address certain concerns by not sharing any applications with other organizations as well as give businesses more control over critical information.

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