Cloud computing quality depends on implementation

Although cloud computing offers a number of benefits to organizations, businesses need to understand that these improvements don't happen automatically. In order to profit from these advantages, the cloud needs to be properly implemented, maintained and managed, according to the Hosting News.

"The cloud is basically a tool box that you can choose to utilize best features of or not," Intechnica managing director Jeremy Gidlow said at a panel, according to the Hosting News. "So you can have that high resilience, high scalability but unless you design the application to do that from day one it just won't work."

This was demonstrated when a major outage with the cloud occurred and some businesses were without information for days, while others continued to run productively because they backed up their data correctly. The key for businesses to use the cloud to its potential is not only for them to have qualified technical skills, but to also set up the cloud correctly, the news source reported.

According to Markets and Markets, the global market value for cloud computing is anticipated to exceed $121 billion by 2015. This demonstrates the need for organizations to implement the service correctly, as the cloud may soon become business necessity.

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