Survey: Businesses are concerned, hopeful of cloud security

According to the 2011 State of the Cloud survey by Symantec, businesses remain concerned about cloud security but also hopeful that it will be addressed in the future. However, the survey also found that only some of the organizations migrating to the cloud are fully prepared, as roughly half of the respondents said their IT staff was not currently ready.

The survey continues to reinforce the ongoing concern that business have about security within the cloud. The organizations wish to remain just as visible and have the same amount of control that they did before being on the cloud, said Frances deSouza of Symantec.

However, 87 percent of respondents believe that moving to the cloud will either improve or not affect their current security.

"With the cloud, everything depends on how you secure your data," said the chief technology officer of a small technology company. "If there's no security, there's no point in moving to the cloud."

If a business is concerned about security, it may benefit by utilizing the private cloud, rather than a public service. This is because the private cloud is more customizable and offers strengthened security of critical data over the public version, according to Omnivue.

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