Cloud computing will soon become the status quo

Cloud computing is now becoming the status quo among many businesses. Although there are a number of reasons for this, many research professionals believe that the cloud will soon stop become necessary for businesses to remain competitive, according to Small Business Computing.

Some of the driving factors that are influencing businesses to migrate to the cloud are cost benefits, ease of operation and remote accessibility. Through cloud computing, organizations can purchase, implement and manage applications, servers, storage and other resources on the internet, making it a universal and easily maintained service, the news source reported.

Businesses can also expand or reduce their available resources as they see fit, Small Business Computing reported. This means that if accompany no longer finds it necessary to use a certain application and increases its need to store data off-site, a few simple clicks can have the customized new plan available for the organizations.

A report by Saugatuck Technology suggests that all business computing categories will be cloud-based. Roughly 65 percent of all new business-oriented applications will either be based in the cloud or be a hybrid application by 2015.

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