Addressing security concerns when switching from private to public cloud

While many organizations originally chose to migrate to the private cloud for security and privacy reasons, some of them are considering switching to the public option as it is much cheaper. However, businesses that are making the transition should not forget about security and address certain issues, according to a report in Network World.

A business should be sure that its cloud provider has machine-specific security. This means that whether the company uses the provider's private or public cloud, it will still be protected by a certain number of security measures. The public cloud often requires more elastic strategies, which the business should be aware of when addressing the service level agreement, the news source reported.

A company should also be sure that the cloud provider acknowledges these issues within the SLA.

"Make sure your provider is willing to move well beyond simple monitoring of your service usage," Torsten George, the vice president of worldwide marketing at Agiliance, a security vendor, told the news source.

According to Ovum, the public cloud market will continue to increase across the globe, as the revenues in North America will consume 50 percent of the global $66 billion market by 2016. Nonetheless, whether a company chooses the private or public cloud, it should ensure that security is a top priority.

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