Companies debate public, private or hybrid clouds

Today, nearly every business is either thinking about moving to the cloud, is in the process of doing so or has already done it. Still, the choice between public, private or hybrid environments continues to be a difficult decision for businesses as each of the models offers its own benefits, an ITworld report noted.

Before making a decision solely based on costs, companies should consider which applications they wish to migrate to the services and how they may function differently in each of the separate clouds. Companies that have highly sensitive data may consider utilizing the private cloud because of its exclusiveness. On the other hand, the report stated, companies that are looking for immediate access may consider public environments because they are often more easily set up.

Data security is also a concern among businesses. However, it doesn't seem to be as big of a worry to companies as it was a year ago because all cloud providers have been stepping up their protective capabilities, the news source reported.

Hybrid clouds offer the best of both worlds and, as a result, 68 percent of IT professionals support private or hybrid cloud environments over their public cousin, according to a Quest Software Public Sector survey.

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