Disaster recovery in the cloud is a central benefit

Organizations can take steps to defend against the unexpected by deploying disaster recovery plans through the cloud. While some businesses choose to back up their data on-site, this process may not be as secure as the company hopes it is, according to a Consumer Electronics Net report.

"Small firms are very much aware of the need to back up regularly, but it's kind of like flossing; everyone knows they should do it, but very few do so regularly," said IDC's vice president of small- and medium-sized business research Raymond Boggs, according to the news source. "Cloud-based storage and disaster recovery solutions are particularly well-suited to smaller firms, which lack budget and extensive IT resources."

The main challenge that SMBs face when considering using the cloud for disaster recovery is the process of losing control over critical data. Still, backup solutions are one of the main benefits of the cloud, excluding cost savings, Consumer Electronics Net noted.

According to experts, companies can also back up security solutions in the cloud which can help keep data secure when it is not in the complete control of the organization.

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