Asia-Pacific cloud market to grow in coming years, experts say

One of the main reasons why the cloud is growing so quickly in the Asia-Pacific region, according to Frost & Sullivan vice president Andrew Milroy, is the technology-motivated business environment. As a result, the cloud's market value in this part of the world is expected to reach $5.8 billion by 2015, the Bernama News reported.

Platform-as-a-Service is expected to be the area where cloud providers really express their dominance, with only two or three really breaking away from the pack. Still, other experts believe that security is still a concern, forcing providers to focus their efforts on fixing the problem and, in the meantime, offering hybrid and private clouds, the news source reported.

"The information technology industry itself is being transformed by cloud computing as consumers and businesses depend, to a greater extent, on smartphones and tablets," said Milroy, according to the Bernama News.

Social media will also have an effect on the mobile cloud, another expert noted.

According to a recent survey by cloud provider Parallels, the cloud adoption rate in Japan and Australia will increase by 75 percent within the next few years, according to Asia Cloud Forum. This increased deployment of the technology will likely be a major contributor to the growing Asia-Pacific market.

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