Report: Data virtualization can better a company's agility

Business agility is a basic necessity for companies of all sizes, leading many toward data virtualization, which has been proven to improve deployment time for solutions. Additionally, virtualization is often less expensive than traditional systems, allowing for a better return on investment, according to a Sys-Con report.

Data virtualization's agility and responsiveness is often better than older consolidation efforts because it uses a streamlined approach to integration, compared to traditional integration methods which have multiple moving parts. As a result, virtualization solutions tend to reduce the need for data replication, the news source reported.

Data virtualization also changes with developing environments, allowing for more independence which, as a result, makes it easier to expand or contract the virtual database. It is often the case that traditional consolidation methods would take weeks or months to add new information or migrate data, while virtualization will only take hours or days, the Sys-Con report noted.

In an interview with TDWI, an IT expert suggested that businesses should integrate data virtualization with cloud resources and security, such as firewalls and application programming interfaces, in order to maximize their impact. As a result, compliance may improve and the company may see increased revenues.

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