Experts give advice on questions to ask cloud providers

As a result of companies not knowing how to differentiate potential cloud service providers, BizCloud computing consultants have come up with several questions that organizations considering moving data to the cloud should ask.

One of the most obvious questions is, of course, the total cost. Different providers vary in price depending on the model that is being considered. Also, some companies may offer a low rate for a certain amount of storage space but charge for every additional gigabyte that is added afterward, increasing the price dramatically. Differentiating prices between cloud services should be one of the first discussions with a potential provider.

Another question that is overlooked is whether or not the provider will offer bare metal services. This refers to the ability to have users send had copy backup documents to the organization, or vice versa. This process is sometimes a necessity among businesses with large amounts of critical data.

Additionally, organizations should not neglect to ask about the cloud's availability, according to an InformationWeek report. After concerns surrounding some cloud outages, a company should be aware of the steps that they can take to improve availability of the service.

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