Even though desktop virtualization slows, it still grows

Many organizations are either slowing their adoption of desktop virtualization or completely avoiding the subject. This is likely due to high infrastructure costs and lower than expected return on investment, according to a CRN report.

Additionally, some experts believe that the increased adoption of tablets in the workplace, as well as the development of HTML5, also have an effect on the slowed deployment of virtualization, the news source reported.

"Customers are trying to figure out whether to use desktop virtualization as a conduit to their applications, or whether HTML5 is going to change application delivery and completely overhaul their reliance on the [operating system] on end user devices," one virtualization expert told CRN.

Nevertheless, the market is still seeing growth, even if it is less than expected.

"We're seeing growth in this market," IT expert Scott Miller told the news provider. "For new opportunities, it's still the fastest growing solution."

In fact, the market is expected to generate close to $5 billion by 2016, according to ABI Research. This increase from $500 million in 2009 suggests an extremely fast growing service.

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