Cloud affects business, vendor environments

While cloud computing is making its mark on businesses around the world, it is creating an even larger impact on the vendor marketplace, considering that some experts believe there to be more than 2,000 Software-as-a-Service providers alone, according to a Network World report.

"It's true that most of the disruption caused by cloud computing relates to enterprise [operations] and IT," said vice president of Gartner Group David Smith, according to Network World. "But it's also been pretty disruptive to the vendor community as well."

Since the cloud is still in the early stages of its lifetime, this leaves the field open for companies to expand. For example, the majority of SaaS vendors account for much less than 5 percent of the market, leaving a large amount of room for growth, the news source reported.

Additionally, Infrastructure-as-a-Service has more than 30 major providers in its industry, Network World noted. This market in particular has room to expand as it contains both pure-play platforms and traditional managed services.

According to research from In-Stat, the IaaS market is expected to grow to nearly $4 billion by 2015. As this market expands, more providers will likely join the race and, as a result, cause even more disruption in the vendor landscape.

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