Cloud will continue to be talked about in 2012, expert asserts

As 2011 comes to a close, information technology professionals are looking into 2012 and predicting that one of the most talked about services of the new year will likely be cloud computing, IT expert Rick Blaisdell wrote in a blog post.

There are several reasons for this, Blaisdell asserted, including the fact that more businesses will deploy cloud computing technologies in several different formats. This is because the cloud changes the way business operations are performed, as the technology can most often improve efficiency and flexibility.

Additionally, chief information officers will look to deploy the cloud in different ways in order to improve multiple segments of their organization. As a result, IT professionals will have more complicated jobs, he continued, as they will be forced to manage internal and external systems, as well as business relationships.

Still, the uses of the technology nearly limitless as organizations can use a number of applications in a variety of different sectors, making the definition of the cloud slightly blurry. One of the best ways to define the cloud, according to InfoWorld, is by labeling it as a way to increase storage and capabilities without investing in new software or infrastructure, making it a priority among many businesses.

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