Survey: Cloud computing is No. 1 2012 IT priority

For the second year in a row, cloud computing was ranked as the No. 1 priority for businesses looking to improve their operations in 2012. In 2010, 44 percent of respondents to a Unisys survey said that the cloud was their top priority in 2011 and now, 50 percent of participants said that the cloud would be their most important investment in 2012.

The survey polled 300 individuals that used the surveying organization's websites and asked what IT investments would be the most important in 2012. Cloud computing was labeled as the top priority, while other business aspects, like cybersecurity, mobile computing and big data followed suit.

"Over the past two years cloud computing has moved into the mainstream of IT investment decisions," said Colin Lacey from Unisys. "From the U.S. federal government's 'cloud first' policy to enterprise business units' demands for greater IT responsiveness, business decision makers are embracing both private and public cloud computing models."

According to a Technavio study, the global market for private cloud servers is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 13 percent through 2014. This is often because companies are slightly more concerned with security for public cloud offerings.

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