Big data and cloud computing go hand in hand

The concept of big data is looming over many organizations, yet the idea can be considered either a burden or an opportunity, depending on whether or not the company is planning to deploy cloud computing technologies, according to a Sys-Con report.

Some companies, like Facebook, are reporting that they handle tens of millions of gigabytes every day. This news should come as a comfort for software developers, as the cloud is built to handle these large amounts of information. Therefore, cloud computing and big data can often go hand-in-hand, although cloud computing is more essential to big data than the other way around, the news source reported.

Still, the cloud is in its early years, and the concept of big data is still being formed. This gives cloud computing a head start and, as a result of the looming data explosion, more organizations are expected to deploy private cloud environments in 2012, Sys-Con noted.

According to a report by ERP Software, the scalability of the private cloud is enticing to businesses that are anticipating handling large amounts of information. Additionally, the security in a private environment is often more substantial than the public version, allowing data to remain protected.

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