Gaming industry has a cloudy future

Recently, OnLive released its new platform which allows gamers to utilize cloud computing technologies to play PC or console video games on the go through smartphones and tablets. OnLive's use of cloud computing was launched in 2010, but this is its latest effort to improve the gaming experience across a number of devices besides computers and televisions, according to a Gamasutra report.

Currently, only Android-based devices can use the service, although iOS gadgets are currently undergoing certification by the organization. OnLive has been working with game developers for some time to transform major games into touchscreen-enabled versions, the news source reported.

Currently there are 25 games available on mobile devices through the cloud, including L.A. Noire, Lego Batman and Defense Grid Gold. Individuals also have the option to use a gamepad which can connect through the mobile device and allow them to play with a controller, Gamasutra noted.

This platform is similar to those now being adopted by the gaming industry. In fact, the International Game Technology recently announced the IGT Cloud solution which allows users to play video games on LAN-based, online or mobile platforms.

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