Businesses considering cloud storage should follow best practices

While it would be ideal to store all of a company's information in the cloud, businesses are often restricted by varying reasons, forcing them to pick and choose which types of data they want to outsource to the technology. Organizations should also consider the synchronization process before fully utilizing cloud backup solutions, according to a TechTarget report.

First, companies need to decide which data to store in the cloud. While lower-end models are less expensive, they will likely only be able to store things like pictures and documents. Meanwhile, more robust services can store things like business applications but at a higher price, the news source reported.

Additionally, the synchronization process of storing data will often take several months to complete, TechTarget noted. In the meantime, companies should continue backing up information on-premises in order to minimize the chance of data loss.

Nevertheless, the responsiveness, scalability and availability of the cloud are some of the main reasons for storing data in the cloud, according to an InfoStor report. However, companies should ensure that they follow best practices in order to reduce the chances of losing critical information.

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