Companies should ensure cloud has disaster recovery plans

With the large number of disaster recovery services that are now being offered through cloud computing technologies, there is no reason that companies should not have these solutions in place. Disaster recovery applications are now becoming a must-have for businesses that carry sensitive data, according to an IT Business Edge report.

As more companies take advantage of cloud computing to improve efficiency and drive down operating expenses, data within the environments is becoming increasingly vulnerable. While the cloud most often has the ability to protect information, there is no telling when a vulnerability or disruption will occur, making a company's private data more susceptible to being lost, the news source reported.

In today's cloud world, disaster recovery and service-level agreements should remain side-by-side. These documents should not just assure the service's uptime, IT Business Edge noted, they should also outline recovery policies to make sure that the business' quality of service standard can be achieved.

According to ABI Research, the market for disaster recovery solutions is expected to generate $39 billion in revenue by 2015. Many of these services will be demanded by the deployment of the cloud and the need to keep data secure and recoverable.

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