2012: The year of data management, expert says

Experts are realizing that even though the number of technologies available to businesses that help them solve operational problems is increasing, their budgets are not, forcing them to look to the cloud for solutions. This was obvious during 2011's public versus private cloud debate. However, Margaret Dawson from Symform believes that 2012 will be a whole new ballgame, she wrote in a CloudTweaks report.

Large and small businesses alike more often than not deployed private clouds in 2011 in light of potential public cloud security issues, Dawson noted. In 2012, companies are more likely to come to the understanding that all clouds share similar structures and that data security won't vary depending on the type of cloud, but rather the way it is deployed and managed.

As a result of this realization, organizations are more likely to focus on their infrastructure and data management. This is especially true as the rapid growth of information continues in 2012, Dawson asserted.

According to IDC, 2012 will be the year of big data as social platforms allow companies to gather more information. This explosion of knowledge will also help push companies to the cloud in order to manage it.

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