Cloud will change the way businesses operate in 2012, expert predicts

As cloud computing becomes more popular, certain trends will begin to emerge in 2012. These include the awareness of the cloud and how it will change the world as businesses know it, according to predictions made by Piston Cloud Computing chief executive officer Joshua McKenty. The cloud will revolutionize the way that organizations will conduct business in 2012, improving all forms of data collection, storage and communication.

However, a conflict may also arise, according to McKenty, as business and cloud providers argue over who is really in charge of federated trust. This engagement will bring change for service-level agreements and shared resources.

Additionally, as organizations prepare for the accumulation of massive amounts of data, they will more likely transition from the public cloud back to the private environment. This is because the public environment may continue to experience difficulties with broadband limitations and, as a result, McKenty asserted, lead them to revert to private clouds.

According to IDC, enterprise spending for private cloud storage will increase at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 29 percent from 2010 to 2015. This may suggest the anticipation of the 2012 big data explosion.

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