Cloud computing can improve disaster recovery plans

Disaster recovery planning is one of the most advantageous capabilities that cloud computing provides to organizations, as they are often less expensive and easier to manage in these types of environments. However, before a company dives headfirst into the cloud pool, it should first understand how a service provider plans to use these solutions, according to a CloudTweaks report.

First, organizations should ensure cloud disaster recovery solutions are tested and certified. They should also understand how they will be used operationally, the news source reported. As a result, companies should understand how much data can be lost during an incident and how long it will take for information to be recovered.

Additionally, organizations should go over service-level agreements with providers and walk through hypothetical situations to fully understand how the cloud will benefit them. This information includes what solutions are installed to avoid these situations, as well as which organization is in charge of declaring a state of disaster, CloudTweaks noted.

According to a Sys-Con Media report, adopting the cloud often allows businesses to realize previously impossible IT efficiencies when it comes to data storage and recovery.

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