Federal government makes plans to move to the cloud

More organizations are becoming aware of cloud services and the advantages that the technology potentially offers, leading even the federal government to consider implementing it. In fact, the government has created an implementation plan to do so, according to the Federal Times.

The plan calls for organizations to identify three services which will be migrated to the cloud and then generate a plan to move them. The plan requires businesses to migrate at least one of these solutions by the end of December, while the following two need to be moved by June 2012, the news source reported.

The federal government has also made plans to utilize Software-as-a-Service models. This will help chief financial officers perform financial management tasks, including the activities surrounding accounts receivable, invoicing and financial reporting, the Federal Times noted.

According to a report by immixGroup, roughly one-quarter of the government's proposed $80 billion IT budget will be devoted to cloud computing and the migration process. Additionally, nearly 75 percent of all organizations will likely have adopted the cloud by the end of 2012.

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