Server virtualization improves business efficiency

Server virtualization can help improve a business' efficiency and agility. This is especially true as companies today are required to be bigger and better than their competition, since simply selling the same services as a competitor is no longer effective, according to a TechTarget report.

Not only does virtualization often cost less than traditional systems because it requires less physical equipment, but the technology also utilizes servers to their utmost capabilities. Unleashing the full potential of servers enables allows IT staff to match resources with workloads and, as a result, decrease inefficiencies and increase a company's return on investment, the news source reported.

Additionally, it takes less time to build virtualized infrastructures than it does physical systems. Older environments used to take weeks or months to create while virtual ones may only take hours, TechTarget noted.

Virtualization also improves business continuity and disaster recovery plans because of the higher availability of the solutions, according to a CloudTweaks report. These are often benefits which influence a company to deploy virtualization, therefore allowing them to be more effective.

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