Program created to regulate government clouds

While cloud computing is becoming more popular among businesses, federal agencies are developing a standardized program which will ensure that the services they use are properly authorized. The new Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program was recently unveiled by federal chief information officer Steven VanRoekel, according to an InfoWorld report.

FedRAMP is a set of standards that cloud providers will need to meet in order to sell their services to federal agencies. Private, public and hybrid cloud environments are all covered by the guidelines, as are the different cloud models, including Software-, Infrastructure- and Platform-as-a-Service solutions, InfoWorld noted.

The program was designed to minimize inconsistent or duplicated solutions within government agencies, while allowing organizations to reduce the costs of deploying secure cloud services.

"FedRAMP is a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and monitoring," said VanRoekel, according to InfoWorld.

Since many government financial management solutions can benefit from utilizing cloud technologies, federal agencies are itching to deploy the services in order to help improve efficiency at a lower cost, according to a Federal Times report. With the FedRAMP program in place, these organizations can be sure that the clouds they use are safe and secure.

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