Comfort in the cloud will grow in 2012, report says

From hosting services to the use of tablets inside the workplace, the consumerization of IT has led to a number of changes within the enterprise, with one of the most compelling resources being the growing adoption of cloud computing. According to a report by Hubspan, the cloud will continue to dominate discussions in 2012 as the technology matures and becomes more widely deployed.

One of the influential traits of the cloud is the technology's ability to reduce total cost of ownership. This, according to the report, will continue to push companies toward the model.

Furthermore, companies will feel more comfortable with the cloud in 2012, giving them the confidence they need to migrate traditionally on-site applications to cloud environments, the report said.

According to a recent Forrester report, total cloud computing spending will exceed $60 billion by the end of next year, especially as more organizations and consumers adopt public Software-as-a-Service solutions. In fact, public cloud-based SaaS solutions will contribute roughly $33 billion to the mix.

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