Hybrid cloud will be used for data backup in 2012, report says

In 2012, there are likely to be a number of new trends that will emerge among businesses and their adoption of cloud computing technologies, including the fact that many organizations will utilize hybrid cloud environments in order to improve their data backup capabilities. This will likely be seen primarily in small- and medium-sized businesses, according to a new report by cloud data backup provider Asigra.

"The primary reason organizations are adopting a hybrid approach to cloud backup is because they can have their cake and eat it too," said data backup expert Brad Lappe, according to Asigra. "They get the performance of local recovery with the assurance of offsite data protection. When combined with its low cost advantages it's a major win for the customer."

Additionally, it's like to be SMBs that will notice and take advantage of these benefits in the coming year, the report noted, as they are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity at lowered costs.

Currently, nearly half of all SMBs use cloud computing technologies, nearly doubling the number which did so in the first half of 2011, according to a Spiceworks study. This number will likely continue to grow as companies see the benefits of hybrid cloud backup services.

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