Improving mobile cloud security incorporates innovative technologies

As more organizations deploy mobile devices integrated with cloud computing technologies, they should ensure that mission-critical information is secure in and outside of the network. This protection should extend beyond mobile device management and into the cloud network itself, according to a CloudTweaks report.

Often, data is shared through mobile devices because of the information's time-sensitive or high priority qualities. Since administrators cannot help if an employee's smartphone or tablet is stolen, they can make sure that their cloud network has the ability to remotely wipe hard drives clean during these incidents, the news source reported.

Furthermore, while employees should be trusted, executives may consider implementing a data classification policy which only allows certain people to access information. These programs also have the ability to let administrators track data and who views it at what times, CloudTweaks said.

Additionally, a Small Business Computing report suggests that companies research compliance rules and regulations and ensure that these demands are addressed with the cloud vendor during the creation of the service-level agreement.

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