Virtual environments need backup, recovery services

Deploying virtualization within an office space will often enable businesses to save money and improve efficiency. However, this will only be the case if the virtual machines are backed up to ensure that all of the accumulated information is secure. One of the most common reasons that companies don't back up their VMs is because, since they can be created so quickly, many departments will do so without informing the IT department, according to a report by cloud data backup service vendor Asigra.

As a result of these quick deployments, it's not uncommon that the process of backing up these solutions for recovery purposes is an afterthought. However, businesses should know that backing up information without the ability to recover it is practically useless, the report noted.

According to IDC, virtualization technologies are now a reality and, as a result, emerging trends will help spur the market for these services, eventually making their penetration rate double within five years. Still, organizations using virtual environments should be sure to back up data and recovery solutions in order to ensure that the company will continue running efficiently in the event of a disaster.

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