Migration to virtual desktops, servers to begin in 2012

While many large corporations have made plans to deploy or have already implemented virtualization technology, the trend is just beginning to catch on among smaller companies. This is especially true as 2012 approaches and organizations lock in their budgets, leading them to utilize technologies which will help lower operational expenses, according to a Network World report.

Virtualization is a strategic deployment which can help improve efficiency. Additionally, organizations can outsource resources to private clouds, enabling the organization to only pay for the space they use. By using these resources, data centers can greatly expand their capacity, eliminating the need for assets that are often underutilized, the news source reported. As a result, productivity and efficiency will increase.

One of the most important things businesses can do when deploying these technologies is to make a strategic plan that defines how the environment will be used, Network World noted. This will help ensure that the virtualized systems will perform at their best.

In 2009, the market for cloud-based virtual desktops generated around $500 million in revenue, according to ABI Research. However, by 2016, this number is expected to increase to nearly $5 billion, suggesting a massive migration to the technology.

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