Virtualized environments need to be managed correctly

More organizations have realized that by virtualizing their data centers, they were able to lower the necessary number of physical servers, resulting in lower energy bills and less maintenance. However, if the technologies are not managed properly, companies may not be able to experience these benefits and the services may require more maintenance than expected, according to an eWeek report.

However, the problem doesn't lie with the technology, but instead is a management concern. Business executives should, at the forefront, understand that virtualization is not a quick fix to any problem, the news source noted. Instead, deploying the solutions requires a plan and should be done strategically, therefore reducing the need for excessive management.

"Management becomes more complex, thanks to hypervisor issues, platform changes and all of the associated components needed to build a virtualization platform," said one experienced IT professional, according to eWeek. "It takes a holistic approach, where virtual machines are monitored, managed and maintained to truly benefit from everything virtualization has to offer."

Still, many companies are deploying the services to help them go green, save money and improve disaster recovery, according to InfoWorld. However, the technology should be deployed and managed properly in order for organizations to experience its full benefits.

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