Cloud computing, virtualization to be adopted by SMBs in 2012 for security

After witnessing data breach catastrophes in 2011, Symantec believes many small- and medium-sized businesses are turning to cloud computing and virtualization technologies in order to secure, store and back up their data. This is most likely because these virtual environments are inherently more secure than traditional storage services.

The lowered operational expenses, increased scalability and improved mobility are all reasons why organizations are at least considering migrating to the cloud. In addition, cloud storage and backup enables businesses to be more prepared in disastrous situations.

However, many businesses are taking shortcuts when deploying services to protect physical and virtual environments. While virtualization is more manageable and secure than traditional storage systems, it should be deployed correctly in order for companies to experience the full benefits of the technology.

Still, more than half of respondents to a recent Citrix survey said their company plans to roll out desktop virtualization by 2013, with more than 80 percent saying that improved security was their main incentive.

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