All cloud predictions point up, though variations are common

The public cloud market is surging, especially as telecommunications companies adopt the technology as a way of improving efficiency and lowering expenses, according to an InfoWorld report. While there is little doubt that the cloud will grow, the degree to which it will do so often varies between experts.

The growth of the market is likely because there are hardly any reasons for companies not to deploy the cloud anymore. Low upfront costs and the ability to only pay for what is used will continue to be major benefits for cloud technologies within a business, the news source reported.

In a recent interview with InfoWorld, IT expert Kerry Bailey was very aggressive in his prediction of the market. While IDC expects the cloud to expand to a global amount of nearly $150 billion in revenue by 2014, Bailey believes that the market will surge to more than $600 billion by the same time, according to the news provider.

Another prediction by MarketsandMarkets states that global revenue for cloud computing will surpass $121 billion by 2015. While many of these estimates vary in size, all research points to the market growing exponentially.

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