Improving cloud computing connectivity

Cloud computing can be the answer to solving business efficiency and cost problems but since the technology is still relatively new to many organizations, the network's availability may not always be up to standards. However, there are some things that business decision makers can do in order to improve the service's connectivity, IT expert Bernard Golden said in a report for IT Business Net.

One way that executives can improve the reliability of the network is by determining outage responsibilities with the cloud provider in the service-level agreement. While these documents are a great way to help providers and organizations stay on track, they are not the solution to everything. Instead, they are like law enforcement, Golden noted, as they often won't prevent a crime from occurring, but can instead bring the responsible party to justice.

Still, if companies experience a single point of failure, they may consider having two separate connectivity providers, Golden asserted. This will ensure that if one network is down, the company will still be able to access the network and continue working.

Despite minor concerns about connectivity, organizations are still deploying the cloud at a consistent rate. According to Market Monitor, the market for the technology will generate $16.7 billion in revenue by 2013.

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