Cloud will be present in fewer headlines in 2012, trends will still emerge

In 2011, cloud computing really came to life as many companies deployed the technology to improve efficiency and lower their operational expenses. While cloud services will still be implemented in 2012, they will likely make fewer headlines even as new trends begin to emerge, according to an InformationWeek report.

One development in the cloud that will likely take place next year is the creation of a uniform security model. This accepted archetype will help determine responsibility for a security incident. This is already beginning as some cloud vendors are now better able to complay with compliance standards that they were previously unable to, the news source noted.

Another trend will be the widespread deployment of hybrid cloud computing models. This is especially true as organizations continue to be attracted to private clouds and their more trusted security and efficiency capabilities, InformationWeek noted.

According to a report by Asigra, many organizations will deploy hybrid cloud environments for data backup purposes in light of the record number of data breaches that occurred this past year. This allows businesses to have both local and off-site recovery while still giving them the cost benefits and scalability of the cloud.

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