SLAs, cloud security to experience changes in 2012

Cloud computing is now recognized as an integral part of business IT strategy, helping companies perform more efficiently at lowered costs. Still, new trends will likely emerge in 2012 as the technology continues to mature and be more widely adopted, according to an InformationWeek report.

One of these new tendencies will relate to juggling multiple clouds. It is unlikely that businesses will only deploy one cloud model in the future, as various services will be combined in an effort for complete collaboration. This will result in hybrid cloud deployments. If a company cannot manage the different environments, they will likely be surpassed by companies that have better management strategies, the news source reported.

Additionally, security and service-level agreements will likely change. Instead of SLAs protecting the vendor from blame, which they currently tend to do, 2012 will bring about the need for these documents to focus more on the consumer, InformationWeek noted. This will also blend into security changes which will focus on the privacy and compliance.

At this year's Cloud Security Summit, an IDC analyst predicted that the cloud security market will generate roughly $6 billion by 2015, according to a Cloud Pro report. This demonstrates an increased adoption of the cloud and a need to protect virtual environments.

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