Hybrid clouds, desktop virtualization to have big years in 2012, expert believes

As 2011 wraps up, many professionals are making predictions as to what the IT industry will experience in 2012. While this past year was a major year for the cloud, 2012 will likely continue that trend along with virtualization, according to a Virtualization Review report by contributor Elias Khnaser.

One forecast he made is that hybrid clouds will have a big year in 2012. Big data and other challenges will require organizations to improve their infrastructure and push them to less expensive cloud alternatives, Khnaser asserted. Hybrid clouds will become popular because business executives will still want to use their on-site resources while utilizing cloud-based environments.

Additionally, Khnaser noted that desktop virtualization will continue to be adopted by organizations. This will be especially noticeable when Window 8 rolls out, even before some companies have fully implemented Windows 7. As a result, virtualization technologies, which will help businesses automatically make these updates and migrations, will become more necessary.

In fact, the market for desktop virtualization will approach $5 billion by 2016, growing from $500 million in 2009, according to ABI Research. North America will be a major contributor to this growth, as U.S. companies deploy the technology.

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