Companies should deploy cloud computing technologies securely

When implemented properly, cloud computing technologies can give businesses the ability to be more efficient, secure and reliable. However, companies should keep certain aspects of cloud architecture in mind during the migration process to ensure that every possible angle is covered, according to an Ecommerce Times report.

For example, organizations may consider implementing a hybrid cloud computing model in the beginning, which combines both on- and off-site resources. This environment, according to the report, can give IT departments the most flexibility and allow them to understand how to fully take advantage of the cloud.

Still, there are a lot of cloud providers on the market. As a result, businesses that are considering deploying these types of architectures should look at all possible cloud vendors and review their practices and certifications, like their conflict-solution policies. By doing this, organizations can be assured of selecting the highest-quality service provider, Ecommerce Times noted.

According to a recent blog post by a Forrester Research analyst, all cloud models will grow throughout this New Year, leading the total market to exceed $60 billion in revenue by the end of 2012.

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