Virtualization market to consolidate in coming years, experts believe

As more organizations deploy virtualized environments in 2012, IT professionals believe that uniform hypervisor support and management will become necessary in order for businesses to utilize the technology. Additionally, more companies will utilize several hypervisor environments, resulting in the need for multi-hypervisor management tools, according to a TechTarget report.

As these demands become more prevalent in the business world, experts believe the market will begin to consolidate as some of the larger organizations consume smaller competitors. This will become truer as multi-hypervisor management products become more finely tuned and can be integrated well with others, TechTarget noted.

"I believe next year will be the year of accelerated consolidations and buyouts," said Edward Haletky, the chief executive officer and analyst for the Virtualization Practice, according to the news source. "We are seeing them now, but I think the big boys are going to start to seriously play in the virtualization and cloud markets."

One of the more popular versions of this industry will be desktop virtualization, which, according to ABI Research, will generate close to $5 billion in revenue by 2016. As the market expands, there will likely be some consolidation.

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