Companies need professionals with cloud experience, expert says

While cloud computing has been hyped for several years, the demand for individuals with cloud-related skills has been low, until now. The need for people who can utilize the technology to its full potential has now been recognized as nearly important as the services themselves, according to industry expert David Linthicum.

One of the reasons this is happening is that companies which have deployed the cloud are finally experiencing relief within their budgets. As a result, executives are directing the savings back into the cloud environment and looking for individuals that can manage it, Linthicum said.

Additionally, the road to the technology has led businesses to cloud -related opportunities which need people to direct, manage and execute these projects, Linthicum noted. As a result, administrators are beefing up hiring.

However, since there aren't many people with real cloud experience, businesses will often have too many unfilled positions, he asserted.

The federal government, for example, will likely soon be needing professionals with cloud experience. This is because a new set of security regulations was just created, which is the first step for government agencies moving into the cloud, according to a CIO.gov report.

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