ADDIE for private cloud deployments

To deploy private cloud computing architectures, organizations tend to follow a set of best practices. These rules follow a simple ADDIE approach, which stands for analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation, according to a CloudTweaks report.

The analysis phase happens when the business takes a broad look at itself to determine what its needs are and how building a private cloud will fulfill them. The design and development stages are when the company needs to decide which cloud solutions are the best fit, the news source said. Some sections of the company will be indifferent to sharing information through the cloud, while others may be actively opposed. As a result, IT staff should choose the services that fit the company's needs best. One of the most important things here is to not forget about cloud security.

Finally, deployment is when the private cloud is actually rolled out and companies evaluate how well the process flow works. The smoother, the better, CloudTweaks noted.

According to a recent Trend Micro survey, roughly 56 percent of businesses in the U.S. have deployed private cloud environments. Implementing this architecture may be more difficult than the public cloud and should be done carefully.

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