Cloud can save businesses money

Today, many companies deploy the cloud hoping to save money, yet they are unsure how they can achieve these benefits. For that, organizations need to look at their time to market and acquisition of hardware, according to a CloudTweaks report.

Traditional IT services can take eight to 16 weeks for implementation. Meanwhile, it will only take three to six weeks for developers to get started on cloud applications, the report noted. An example of these benefits would be if an application generates $250,000 in revenue per week, having it deployed 10 weeks earlier will create an additional $2.5 million dollars in revenue, demonstrating that the cloud can make businesses money.

Cloud computing and virtualization technologies often allow resources in the network to be managed separately from the actual hardware. As a result, the standard becomes the lowest-costing high-performance solutions, rather than the most expensive, the news source said.

According to some case studies, companies have saved upwards of 40 percent on their IT expenses through cloud computing, demonstrating that the technology has major efficiency advantages.

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