Two out of five CIOs cite virtualization as top priority in 2012, report says

In 2012, chief information officers aim to leverage virtualization technologies, as more than 40 percent of survey respondents claimed the services were the top IT priority for their business. The savings generated from consolidating servers will then be reinvested in other IT initiatives like cloud computing, mobility and other high-ranking concerns in 2012, IDC executives told InformationWeek.

This year, businesses will begin to focus primarily on improving productivity while driving down costs. Additionally, more than two-thirds of survey respondents believe their title as CIO is no longer chief information officer, but chief innovation officer, according to the report.

"We think that CIOs are well prepared for this moment," said IDC senior vice president of insights and vertical markets research Meredith Whalen. "They have experience leading in this transformation and they are ready to step up."

The survey also found that CIOs will invest more in big data analytics in order to make sense of the massive amounts of information accumulated through the year.

According to a separate report by IDC, the revenues generated from enterprises using server virtualization will exceed $19 billion by 2014. This year will likely be the beginning of a major trend of companies utilizing virtual environments.

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