Cloud interoperability specifications created to help transitioning between vendors

While cloud services are often thought to be able to seamlessly transition from one cloud to another, the actual process of doing so is difficult because of the varying qualities from different services, like security, compliance and governance. As a result, tech giants recently got together to draft up interoperability specifications called TOSCA, according to an InfoWorld report.

The Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications is meant to allow organizations to describe their cloud-based applications or infrastructure, as well as their behaviors and the relationship with different operating parts and services. This will enable companies to easily transition from one cloud to another, regardless of service provider, the news source reported.

"A number of initiatives are ongoing to help cloud standards," IBM's chief technology officer of cloud standards Chris Ferris told InfoWorld. "This is another standard along that progression, but it goes beyond just infrastructure. We're getting into provisioning of more comprehensive services."

According to Market Research Media, the global cloud computing market is expected to generate roughly $270 billion in revenue by 2020. As many companies and consumers adopt the services, the ability to transition from one provider to another will likely be an enticing capability.

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