Cloud computing a major player at CES

This year's Consumer Electronics Show turned out to be a major demonstration of the power of cloud computing, said IT expert David Linthicum. The majority of the devices and gadgets on display were so alluring because of their use of the cloud. This was especially true in the retail market with everything from TVs and tablets to DVD players and gaming consoles using the cloud.

While cloud storage for mobile devices is impressive, it is actually old news and has been shifted to the back burner. Instead, kitchen appliances using "smart grid" features are one of the new services under the spotlight. These accessories can cycle down during peak loads, according to Linthicum.

However, the way these items are being paid for is also changing. Traditionally, a consumer could walk into a store and buy an Xbox, for example, for a few hundred dollars. Today, individuals will still be required to pay several hundred dollars for the system, but also be charged a subscription fee to the console's cloud service. This allows companies to potentially double their revenue, Linthicum asserted.

The retail world is changing and cloud computing is a major contributor to this evolution. As a result, traditional software dynasties may be headed south, changing the entire landscape of the market.

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