IaaS standards finally created

Even though cloud computing has been around for some time now, there is no single standard that helps companies deploy, manage and maintain the solutions in their virtual environments. However, the Open Group recently unveiled two new industry standards documents to help companies integrate the services into a solution or infrastructure, according to IT expert Joe McKendrick in a ZDNet report.

One standard, the Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure Framework, is a blueprint for companies wishing to implement Infrastructure-as-a-Service in the cloud or service-oriented architecture. It is also the first of its kind, helping organizations with their migration to cloud computing and IaaS, McKendrick noted.

By following SOCCI, businesses can learn how to successfully implement the cloud, IaaS in particular, allowing them to improve their internal operations, agility and scalability. The blueprints are made of a set of elements and management processes which, when followed, will help services run more efficiently, according to McKendrick.

According to Renub Research, the IaaS market will continue expanding through 2013 at a compound annual growth rate of more than 52 percent. This demonstrates that IaaS is becoming more popular among businesses looking to integrate computing resources and internet services.

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